Original Sheltie Watercolor paintings by animal artist Heather Anderson.

Sheltie Paintings - Original Watercolors

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Sheltie lovers will love this dark sable Sheltie in a rural setting featured in an 
                                    original watercolor dog painting by Heather Anderson.

"Guardian" sable Sheltie

watercolor 11"x14"

Sheltie lovers know that these great little dogs
                                   love their people and their homes. This tricolor Sheltie is on watch at the red gate.

"Attention Engaged" tricolor Sheltie

watercolor 11"x14"

This brown eyed Sheltie pup blends beautifully with the 
                                    brown eyed susan flowers in this painting's background; a dog painting for Sheltie lovers.

"Brown Eyes" sable Sheltie pup & brown eyed susans

watercolor 8"x10"

The tricolor Sheltie and his sable Sheltie friend 
                                   are enjoying a well deserved rest in the living room after their winter walk. Sheltie lovers will
                                    relate to this dog painting.

"After the Walk" tricolor and sable Shelties

watercolor 11"x14"

An apple tree's falling blossoms
                                   provide the center of interest for these three Sheltie pups. Another dog painting for Sheltie lovers.

"Sheltie Spring" sable Sheltie pups under an apple tree

watercolor 11"x14"

This Sheltie watercolor painting 
                                   features a tricolor, a crow, and two pumpkins. An original dog painting by Heather Anderson.

"Encounter" tricolor Sheltie and crow in pumpkin patch

watercolor 11"x14"

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