Original Watercolor Dog paintings from animal artist Heather Anderson.

The Thornebury Stories

Thornebury is a fictional village somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales. This came about because the author is something of an Anglophile. She has family history connected to Yorkshire, although no actual remaining family there. But while she is Canadian, she grew up reading English books, eating British food, dressed mostly in British clothing, and being taught English manners. It seems to follow that she loves most things English today, so when it came time to find a setting for the Thornebury Stories, somewhere in Yorkshire seemed an ideal place for her imagination to play. The fictional Thornebury is a picturesque village of traditional cottages, shops and farms, but it has its fair share of dastardly goings on. The villains hide among the pleasant, everyday folk who live there, the farmers, the shopkeepers, the artists and professionals and even its small community of Wiccans who, true to their creed, do harm to none. The characters are ones you will enjoy loving and in some cases, hating, and the pleasant ones are people you would love to know. ‘Thornebury’ is a very old village. The stories range in time from the days of Elizabeth the First to the present day. Romance is the frame on which every story is built, but winding through the stories, and a hindrance to a happy, loving outcome, are intrigue, murder and deceit, all the things that make for delightful reading to find out how everything is resolved in the end.

About the Author

Heather Victoria Anderson has written for equine art magazines in the past, but she has always had stories to tell, that up until now, have remained in her imagination. ‘When Roses Bloom’ is the first of her stories that she has committed to paper and now published to be enjoyed by anyone who loves romance, adventure, and a bit of a mystery. Heather is also an award winning, internationally known dog artist, and her work can be found in her Etsy Shop, The Dog Art Gallery. Heather lives in a rural village near Ottawa, Ontario with her husband, a Collie, a couple of Shelties and two cats. Her hobbies are miniatures, gardening, and trying to train her dogs. Mostly they train her.

About the Novel

Indentured servant Kate (Caitlin) Grady and Alexander Fraser, the young farmer next door, fall in love in the bleak winter cold of a sugar bush on a poor eastern Canadian pioneer farm in 1869. Alexander and Kate promise to love each other forever. He must leave her to earn the extra money they need to marry as soon as possible, and in early spring, he leaves for the deep bush, promising to return to her in mid-summer when the roses bloom. But fate and circumstance intervene. Both of them are forced to make very different lives for themselves - an ocean apart. Will the time ever come that they will meet again, "When Roses Bloom"?