Custom pet paintings of your favorite dog, cat, or horse

A commissioned portrait is more than just a painting. Following the long tradition of animal portraiture it is a tribute to a much loved animal, maybe a memory of a special moment you share or have shared. With a Heather Anderson portrait you can expect experience, skill, excellent service, and a genuine love of animals. Portraits are hand drawn from good photographs and are matted and backed, ready for your own frame. For more information email Heather anytime at or telephone 1-613-623-6960 during business hours.

Tabby Cat Portrait Fiona (Tabby)
Cairn Terrier Portrait Jester (Cairn Terrier)
Morgan Horse Portrait Magic Man (Morgan)
Darcy - tricolor Sheltie
Darcy (Sheltie)
Zak Portrait
Zak (Westie)
Buster PortraitBuster (Min. Schnauzer)
Cat Portrait - James BondJames Bond (Rescue Cat)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Portrait Rhys (Corgi)
English Mastiff Portrait Dozer (English Mastiff)
Kane - Border CollieKane (Border Collie)
Sable Sheltie Portrait
Cody (Sheltie)
Bounty Bounty (Sheltie)
Willie Portrait
Willie (Mixed Breed)
Casino - merle Sheltie Casino (Sheltie)
Norwegian Fjord Portrait
Orinke (Norwegian Fjord)
Puddles Portrait
Puddles (Cocker Spaniel)
Bi Black Sheltie Portrait
Captain (Sheltie)
Peanut Portrait Peanut (Min Pin)
Sammy Shih Tzu Portrait
Sammy (Shih Tzu)
German Shepherd Portrait
Grace (German Shepherd)


Prices (all inclusive) are for unframed work.
Shipping and handling included (Canada and U.S.A.).
We accept payment via personal checks or PayPal ®
Prices are for one animal on a plain background.
Additional animals or special backgrounds are extra. Please enquire.

5" x 7" $150 $200 N/A
8" x 10" $250 $325 N/A
11" x 14" $350 $450 $400
16" x 20" N/A $575 $525
CUSTOM PET PAINTINGS - To buy these custom paintings or pet portraits from photos of your favorite dog, cat, or horse we accept Visa and Mastercard via PayPal.

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